Losing 50 at 51

So I lost a bunch of weight
Because my knees were creaking
and at first I blamed the stairs

Then I ran into an old
We met by chance
at a contradance
A fiddle (out of tune)
An upright bass
A beat-up flute played by a beat-up flutist
Attempting to tempt us to our feet

“Are you all right?”
She was staring at my shadow-of-self
“Yup,” I answer, “and no, I don’t have

Used to be I had to put up
with relatives who wouldn’t shut up
about my girth
Now my rebirth begs the question,
“Why are you so skinny?”

Thin, fat, or in between
I am the Crone Queen
And they can bite my skinny ass


Rosemary Nissen-Wade said...

Right on, girl!

SimplyMe said...

The things you write are amazing! I'm so glad J introduced me to your writings. Keep on writing, I'd love to see what you write next.

j said...

Hey Amer's! "simplyme" is a friend of mine from chorus. When he shared some of his writing I immediately thought of you and told him to check out your blog.